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As a TICCI Member, you get access to a world of opportunities. TICCI membership is open to all Tribal Company or Firm in India or abroad engaged in manufacturing activity or providing consultancy services (Engineering/Technical/Management) or present in the services sector.

TICCI's close linkages with the government spawn all levels - Centre and state and various Ministries. We assist you in forming networks and partnerships with corporate majors and institutions across the globe. TICCI's proactive approach focuses on helping you to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

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Membership Benefits

TICCI was Established in 2015, with the mission of socio-economic development, empower tribal MSMEs and Entrepreneurship with in tribal community. TICCI is a dedicated platform to provide hand holding support and one stop organization to work closely with tribal MSMEs. TICCI as a pan India platform, endeavors to play an active role as an aggregator for developing tribal MSMEs capabilities in various aspects of their business and is the closely associating with tribal MSMEs, all states governments, Government of India and International Tribal community.

TICCI plays an active role in generating holistic grid to connect tribal MSMEs with mentors, incubators and accelerators and also to assist tribal MSME's through capacity building programs and services. Some of the services that are available for members of TICCI as on today are:

  • TICCI team will negotiate with concerned departments such as, NSIC, ST-SC HUB, MO MSME, DICs government agencies like, NABARD, KVIC, KVIB, CSIR Laboratories, RBI, Financial Institutions, State level banking Committees, Ministry of Tribal Affairs to promote Member MSMEs and Entrepreneurs from Tribal Community.
  • TICCI members also gets an opportunity to participate in the plethora of events, seminars, workshops, webinars being organized by TICCI in various sectors of the economy.
  • Participation in events helps members to build networking with the business community especially in similar or allied sectors along with PSUs state and central government to meet 4% procurement demand under Public procurement policy.
  • TICCI- members get opportunity to interact with various Government officials at various forums organized by TICCI Members get assistance by TICCI to represent their industry specific issue to the concerned Government authority through close linkage with the Government.
  • TICCI allows members to take advantage of technology that re-defines procurement for them by enabling members to buy raw materials, to start with few products at competitive price points and also give them the attempt to decrease the raw material cost procured by member MSMEs with in community.
  • Insurance is an extremely important component of the tribal MSME's business. Currently tribal MSMEs do not get quality insurance advice because they are small and find it hard to speak to knowledgeable subject matter experts. TICCI addresses this issue by providing members with Cost- effective & Useful MSME Insurance services and guidance.
  • Members get expert advice from TICCI Expert's Group on various subjects including Finance, Marketing, Technology, Branding etc.
  • TICCI- assists member for improved quality & standards through expert training programmes and provide Intellectual Property (IP) services at affordable rates.
  • TICCI- soon will also be launching Online Directory and B2B Linkage.

From the Desk of
Founder Chairman
Mr. Sudhakar Dharavath
Workshop on Govt. and NABARD Schemes for TICCI
Date : April 06, 2021
Location : Hyderabad
Chapter : Telangana

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